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Developing Effective Corporate Stories

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The Keys to an Effective Corporate Story 

A compelling corporate story appeals to and easily educates your audience about your brand, including your products, services, and values. The human brain learns better through stories, but they also help form deeper and more meaningful connections with your audience, creating more brand loyalty and engagement with your brand. 

Here are six key elements to developing an effective story: 

Create a Buyer Personas First

If you have a product or service, likely, you have already done this step of the storytelling process. You can’t make a good product if you don’t understand who your target audience is. A buyer’s persona allows you to identify each aspect related to them to create better or modify your services and ideas to suit their needs.   

Outline the Purpose 

Now that you know who you are creating the story for and about, you want to outline the overall purpose. What actions should your audience take directly after reading your story? What information do you want them to gain from the story? Do you want them to learn more about your company or how to use your products better? 

Maybe you just want to entertain them. Either way, it’s important to outline your purpose first before you get started. In other words, develop the ending to your story first before you begin your story. This way, you can ensure each turn or chapter of your story makes sense and is consistent with your customer’s needs. 

Have a Clear Story Arc and Script 

In other words, create a clear beginning, middle, and end to each story you develop. Be vulnerable and relatable by using the right emotions to connect with your audience. Use descriptive words and visuals to better communicate complex issues or share new ideas. 

Include relatable characters and dialogue that shows your personality as you write your script. An authentic and relatable story is required to effectively connect with your audience and humanize your brand. 

Create a Repeatable Strategy 

Create more evergreen content so you can easily create a repeatable process. This is crucial to develop a consistent story and brand image across all channels. Develop templates and use tools to create storyboards to keep your image and outline more organized. 

Make Your Corporate Story Shareable and Easy to Consume 

You know your story is a success if your audience easily shares the content without you asking – but of course, you should always ask – never forget that CTA! This can be done by making it shareable to start with. Create short videos, small infographics with powerful statements or phrases, and don’t make it hard to find you. 

Always End with a Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is another way to ensure the purpose of your story is achieved. It’s your call to the audience to get moving and engage with your brand. 

By including these key elements into your corporate story, you can ensure the stories you use to market your brand are both effective and successful each and every time.

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