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Developing Your Origin Story 

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Five Tips to Creating your Powerful Origin Story:

The best story to tell your audience first is your origin story. Your origin story should explain how you and your business came to be. It should include any obstacles or challenges you overcame along the way to get where you are now, as well as why you believe in your product or service.

An origin story is a great way to share your values and quickly connect with your audience. Your audience should be able to quickly understand where you started from and how and why you are valuable to them from your origin story. The goal is to stay engaged and better connect with your audience in order to inspire them to take positive action for your brand. Check out these five tips to creating your powerful origin story:

Start with Your “Why” 

Why does your company exist today? What inspired you to take action and make the first move in developing your business? Think about these questions; as you do, highlight what moments stand out the most and share them with your target audience. Not only does this help build a stronger relationship, but it also provides your audience with a quick and easy way to understand how you can benefit them.

Expand and Elaborate 

Your origin story should elaborate on what brought you to where your business is today and how you became who you are today. It is not a brief description of who you are or what you do. Instead, it should explain how you got there and what inspired you to continue.

Discuss Your Challenges or Mistakes 

Every successful business has a commonality, no matter the niche. This includes experiencing failure and learning how to overcome complex challenges or changing times. You discover who you truly are through failure and can make the best products for your customers. It also makes a great way to fully connect and relate to your audience while educating them about solving their problems.  

Highlight the Rewards or Payoffs

Your origin story should end with the rewards you received from starting your business journey. You should highlight how these rewards reflect your business values and traditions and how they can also benefit your audience. Did the challenges along the way change your ways, or did they prove you right from the start?

Be Honest and True

Your story should be as factual and honest as possible. Don’t make up a story because you think it will improve your story’s entertainment value, or that it better suits your target audience. A good origin story builds trust, credibility, and merit. Without honesty, however, you cannot have that.

As you can see, a perfect origin story is key to building a solid relationship with your audience. It helps to communicate your values, benefits, and objectives. By creating a story that engages and inspires your audience, you can make a connection that will keep them coming back for more.

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