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How Gamification Boosts Your Productivity and Your Bottom Line 

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Gamification to Encourage Action & Implementation

The biggest key to success in business and life is implementation. Doing gets things done. It seems like a simple statement, and it is, but it’s very accurate. Gamifying your business can boost your productivity and bottom line by encouraging action and implementation. You can have all the plans in the world, but without execution, it’s not happening. 

Gamification may include:

* Progress Indicators Showing How Close You Are to Your Goal

* Earning Rewards for Doing Something 

* Collecting Points

* Moving Up a Level

* Moving Through a Learning Course

Adding gamification in all areas of your business, from what you and your employees do to what you want your prospects and customers to do, will increase productivity, add value, help you or others learn, and reward and encourage implementation. 

* Boosts Productivity – When you can break tasks down into smaller chunks that you can record to show that you’re making strides toward a goal, you’ll want to work harder to achieve the goal. It’s only not realizing how close you are to your goal that can hinder success. Imagine if you use the data you have to plot and show your accomplishments plainly how you can get more motivation.

* Adds Value for Your Customers – It may seem strange, but when you provide gamification to your customers, they are going to feel as if you’ve added value to their lives. The truth is, you have! Because you’ve increased the likelihood that they’ll put the products or services they buy from you into practice. This is what makes happy, repeat customers. 

* Increases Knowledge – If you want to learn something new or teach something new, it is helpful to break it down into smaller lessons that don’t take a lot of time. Adding a progress bar and the ability to come back and continue increases the likelihood of retention of what is learned. 

* Encourages Action – Points, rewards, and progress bars all psychologically encourage your mind and your customers’ minds to act. Action is what will get you to the finish line, so that is why it’s so important. If having a checklist each day that you check off that also gives you points to cash in for a reward is what it takes to be more productive and act, then why not?

Gamification is about rewarding people who are doing something. Whether that is you, your employees, your prospect, or your customer, the game rewards action, and that’s what’s going to give you the benefit. Whether it’s points, a prize, or something else, it will encourage more doing.

From turning your to-do lists into a game with points and levels to offering specialized quizzes to your potential customers so that you can serve them better, action and implementation is everything in your business, and gamification encourages it like nothing else.

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