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How Gamifying Your Marketing Strategy Can Help You

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What Does it Mean to Gamify Your Business or Marketing Strategy?

Gamification is the process of applying game mechanics and design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve a specific goal. It’s been used in a variety of fields, such as marketing, sales, and employee training. Gamifying your marketing strategy can be very effective in getting people to engage with a task or goal. For example, instead of bringing potential customers to a regular sales page, you might bring them to a landing page that offers a quiz. 

The quiz makes them feel as if the information provided is more personal. They take the quiz, providing a lot of data and information that you can use in your product development and marketing. Their quiz answers lead them to a sales page you made just for the person who answered the questions the way they did. 

Another example of gamification that has nothing to do with customers is setting up a checklist that you can use on your smartphone and computer to check off the daily tasks that you need to do. After you check off a certain number of tasks and make enough points for your day, you can cash in your reward. This will work for you as well as any employees you have to help boost productivity. 

How Gamifying Can Help Your Business

Improve Engagement 

When you encourage a potential customer to engage with you via gamification of your opt-ins and social media updates, you’ll end up with so much more engagement. Engagement is vital because it helps advance trust and makes your audience and customers feel important. Plus, the engagement itself provides an element of value to your prospects and customers alike. 

Boost Productivity 

If you have ever felt bored doing a standard task for your business, a little gamification can make all the difference. Setting up your day to include rewards for jobs well done – or even just setting up a project management system that shows your progress via a progress bar as you check off your accomplishment for the day – can really make you want to get more done. 

Increase Sales

Studies show that gamification of opt-in pages boosts sales by up to 40%. It can be as simple as a quiz, a progress bar, or a points and reward system for participation. Anytime you can make things fun and competitive, it will increase your sales and the joy of buying and selling. 

Influence Behavior

If you want to teach anyone something new, turning it into a fun game to learn will help them retain the information. For example, if you offer a diet and meal plan as your service and product, even your quiz can influence their behavior by teaching them information in the quiz that’s important for them to know before they get to the sales page.

Speed Up Learning Time 

Most people can learn more when they feel like they’re having fun, and they get to use both sides of their brain. Onboarding and training customers and employees (or contractors) alike can benefit from turning the training into a fun and challenging game.

As you see, gamification can really help you motivate yourself and your audience. The reason gamifying your business is so effective is simple; games are fun. People enjoy playing games, and they are drawn to challenges. Also, games provide instant feedback. You’ll get more opt-ins, make more sales, and increase your engagement with your audience. 

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