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How to Engage Your Subscribers with Gamification

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Engage Your Subscribers by Giving Them Tasks and Offering Prizes

Email marketing is a very powerful form of marketing offering a fantastic investment return. According to studies, email marketing generates, on average, a 122% ROI. That’s so amazing that no one can afford not to participate in email marketing. That’s great because it’s not hard to gamify your email marketing. 

One way that gamification works to help you make more sales is by engaging subscribers. You can create easy gamification by merely giving your subscribers tasks to accomplish while associating them with prizes that they can win. Prizes can be simple digital graphics, badges, or early access to critical information or events like webinars, group discussions, and more. 

Email Marketing

You have something powerful when you have access to an autoresponder. You can set up interactive situations that run automatically. When you email your audience, start the email with a challenge question or give them direction. “Hey, I know you want to get in on this early! Go read this article/blog post to find out what you can do to get free and discounted solutions”. 

Then give them a link that sends them to the content you want them to consume. There, give them more specific directions about what they should do. If you use the right technology for your landing pages, you can let them earn points or prizes by responding, sharing, liking, and commenting. 

On Your Blog

In a blog series, add progress bars to indicate how far the reader has come. Add a short quiz to each portion of the blog series to help drive home the point. Directly give sharing indicators with incentives like points, badges, and percent off purchases or early access to your products, services, and information. 

On Social Media

Set up a #hashtag so that you can easily track your audience’s discussions that you will direct them to have. Tell them about your #hashtag and incentivize them to use it for random prizes that you’ll give out periodically. This is a fun way to start a cross-platform discussion on social media and get your business and products discussed and talked about.

In Any of Your Communities 

The fact is, anyplace that you want to engage your subscribers, you can do that by giving them something to do – such as liking, sharing, and commenting because it helps encourage interaction and can even create a buzz among your subscribers. 

The more you share with your subscribers about your process, your thoughts, and what’s happening in your business while incentivizing them to engage with you, the more trust you’ll build. The more trust you build, the more likely they are to take other actions like buying your products and services. Also, remember that it’s very accurate that birds of a feather flock together, and that one thing is why initiating discussions across platforms that start with an email suggestion to participate with prizes as incentives can really go far in improving engagement and, thus, your bottom line. 

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