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How to Get More Reader Interaction on Your Articles and Blog

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5 Tips for Generating Content Engagement

Reader interaction accomplishes many things for a website. It helps add user-generated content. It also helps pull in more readers. People want to participate and see what everyone’s talking about. However, getting reader interaction isn’t always easy. Here are a few tried and true strategies for getting more interaction on your articles and blogs.

#1 Ask for Reader Interaction

One of the best ways to get more interaction is to ask for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing an article or a blog post. Here are just a few questions or calls to action you can include at the end of your content piece:

  • What’s your experience?
  • Do you have any advice on…?
  • What do you think?
  • Have you ever…?
  • What’s your favorite…?
  • Do you remember when…?

Of course, some topics lend themselves to this approach better than others. A blog post on a home cooking site about your favorite soup recipe will likely get a lot of interaction. People love to share their favorite recipes. However, a blog post about how to soak lentils isn’t likely to get much feedback unless you ask for advice or information about different soaking strategies.

#2 Respond to comments

When you respond to comments, you start a discussion. Other people may feel the desire to put their two cents in. If you don’t respond to the comments, then the conversation may stop there. If you want to motivate more readers to chime in and offer their opinion, insight and comments, then always make time to respond to comments. It’s important.

#3 Spark a controversy or discussion by presenting a potentially heated topic

Controversy tends to motivate people to share their opinion. Take care here. If controversy doesn’t fit your brand or personality, consider publishing newsworthy content. Again, people often feel motivated to share their opinion on both controversial and newsworthy topics.

#4 Share a picture or video

We’re visual people. When we see an image that makes us laugh, smile, cry or get angry, we are motivated to comment on it. Sometimes a picture or a video is all you need. It can say more than any article or blog post. However, other times it’s nice to include it with relevant content.

#5 Share a personal story

Within the body of your article or blog post, share a personal story. Take time to share something personal that relates to the content of your article and that readers can identify with. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or long-winded. When you share a story, it motivates others to share their story. You can find yourself learning a lot about your readers and prospects when you use this technique.

If you have a blog, reader activity and comments add credibility to your blog. Additionally, they tend to motivate more reader interaction, links and increased traffic. If you have a niche-based website, reader-generated content can help you boost your search engine ranking.

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