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How to Get Your Audience to Take More Action 

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Getting Your Audience to Take Action

The main goal of any content creation or storytelling is to get your audience to take action and engage with your company. If you can’t engage your audience or inspire them to take action, you’ll likely not have a business at all. In asking your audience to take action, you must be trustworthy, honest, relatable, and inspirational.

Decide What Actions You Need Them to Take

You should already know what you need your audience to do before preparing the story or presentation. This way, you can ensure the story flows with your main objective. You should ask yourself, what do you want your audience to learn, and will your company benefit from this?

From there, you can figure out the best action your audience needs to take. For example, you may want your audience to learn about your product and see how it will better their quality of life. If it does, they will likely want to purchase the product, in return, benefiting your company.

Motivate Them with CTA’s

You should not expect or assume your audience knows what to do or that they will do it for you just because they are there or reading your content. You need to be direct and ask them what to do. A call to action (CTA) is a request for the audience to do something that will benefit them and your company. CTAs can be verbal or written and often appear as buttons or links on web pages. They are important tools for businesses because they motivate or encourage customers to interact with the company and can lead to sales or other conversions.

From the earlier example above, don’t just show off your product and expect them to buy it after you are done. Offer a time-sensitive discount and then direct them where to go to purchase before they leave. If they don’t purchase, invite them to a Facebook group or e-mail list to provide more incentives later.

Build a Community

Ask your audience to join a Facebook or other social media page or group or a membership site to build a community of similar people. People love to feel relatable and be around others with similar interests and values. A sense of community and camaraderie is encouraging and inspiring.

Allow Your Viewers and Readers to Ask Questions

It’s essential to allow enough time for your customers to ask questions or leave feedback at the end of your presentation. It’s also helpful to create a poll or survey for them to fill out in exchange for a discount or other valuable information at the end of all presentations.

If you have the right products and you understand your customers, you have more power and influence over them than you think. People want to support a trustworthy and honest brand that actually solves their problems. Just ask them and encourage them to do it.

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