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How to Identify and Get to Know Your Target Audience

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Who is Your Target Audience?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing, and the same goes for your target audience. What works for one company might not work for another, and a lack of specificity can be a major pitfall in your marketing efforts.  To ensure that your marketing strategies are as effective as possible, you need to identify who you are targeting, what they want, and what makes them unique.

All successful businesses and brand stories share one thing: They thoroughly understand their target audience and their needs and how their audience can benefit from them.

Without defining your target audience, you will develop an inconsistent brand, and inconsistency makes it harder to find the right audience. What is the right audience exactly? Your ideal audience is someone who knows about your brand and is interested in what you’re doing. They want to enjoy your products and see you succeed as a result of supporting your brand.

Strategies to Identify and Get to Know Your Target Audience:

Create Your Ideal Customers with Buyer Personas

The buyer persona is a visual representation of your perfect customer—the person who will benefit the most from your products or business. Every goal achieved or product that you create should start with your buyer persona in mind. This involves breaking down their interests, strengths, and weaknesses and highlighting any areas in which they struggle. Include basic demographic information, what inspires, motivates, and frustrates them. Add in their goals or main objectives in life and how you and your business and help accomplish them.

Build an Email List with Free Opt-Ins

The first thing you want to build to attract your audience and better communicate with them is to develop an email list. Don’t be fooled; email is still prevalent. This popular and effective online marketing strategy is likely not going anywhere. To build an email marketing list, provide some free product or value, such as an e-book or free download to learn something new in exchange for an email list.

Research Your Competition

Look at your competition and its audience. What are their users saying? Are they disappointed, or are they happy with the service the competition is providing?

Pretend you were a customer and create a list of pros and cons of why you would choose your brand products over the competition. Ask yourself what you as a customer have to lose or gain by selecting your brand’s products over your competition? Then look to where you can improve your brand or products to make their customer experience better and more fulfilling than the competition.

Take Advantage of Your Current Analytics

Social media platforms have built-in metrics that make it easy to identify your target market. If you don’t have any following yet, then take advantage of their advertising platforms.

Create three to four ads, each with different characterizes and attributes, to test which type of audience you track the most. Then use this information to test the hypothesis further; if you gain more followers, views, or purchases, it’s likely working.

In conclusion, it is important to identify and get to know your target audience in order to create content that resonates with them. Don’t assume you know your target audience without doing the work. Take the time to list out your ideal customer with buyers’ personas and never ignore your competition to maintain consistency and sustainability. Knowing your target audience enough to target them with your stories is the first step to creating the right products required to be successful in any industry.


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