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How to Respond to A Positive Review

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Tips for Responding to a Positive Review

Addressing positive reviews lets your customers know that you care about them more than just putting out public relations and reputation fires, but also that you genuinely appreciate their business and experience.

A review response is the perfect time to highlight the good qualities of the business, and to spread the good word about your business. The following tips will take you through how to respond to positive reviews as a local business.

Tip #1 Thank Them

The number one thing any small business should do when they receive a positive review is to respond to the reviewer with a note of thanks.

“Thank you for the wonderful review, [name]! A lot of hard work and love goes into our software apps, so we are delighted you and your business have enjoyed using our app.”

It goes without saying that in crafting your response, you should be polite and professional and respond in a timely manner. The sooner you can reply, the better, ideally within 24 hours. Always get personal, use the customer’s name, and mention any staff involved. You will give your business that all-important human touch.

Tip #2 Mention your business name and keywords

You want positive reviews to be seen by your potential customers and prospects searching for your business online. Repeating your business name and any relevant keywords in your response will improve your search engine ranking, and get the positive word seen by many more other potential customers.

Tip #3 Add a dash of marketing

Make the most of a positive review by throwing in a touch of marketing. You can mention a new feature of your product, a promotion you are running, or even just some of the work that went into their great experience of your business.

Tip #4 Invite the customer to take an action

Finish your reply to the review by inviting your customer to take an action with their review. For example, suggest a return visit for more awesome experiences, or ask them to share the review on social media. This is a great way to boost your engagement level on social media and shows that you’re engaged in their satisfaction and care about your customers.

Tip #5 Share your positive review

The last tip to maximize your client’s review is to enable the positive word to spread. A positive review is free marketing material, so make the most of it by responding publicly and sharing it on your other social media channels.

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