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How to Write an Effective Script for Corporate Storytelling 

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Effective Script for Corporate Storytelling 

Every excellent story starts by having a roadmap or a script. It’s a great way to keep your stories consistent across all platforms and products and services you add to your business. Key components to a compelling corporate story script include:

Understanding Your Target Audience 

Knowing your audience is the key to crafting and executing a compelling corporate story. Knowing who your audience is will allow you to anticipate and support their needs. Always ask yourself, what do they want to gain from you and why? 

Outline Your Main Objective and Develop Your Story Arc 

Determine your main objective and decide on the story arc you want to use to write your corporate story. Do you want to be funny, serious, dramatic, etc.?

Ask yourself these questions to answer to help create your story arc: 

* What is my problem statement?

* Who is the hero of my story?

* What lesson or value do I want my audience to learn?

* How should I lead my audience, and what supporting details or characters do I need?

Now, draft a clear beginning, middle, and end to your story. Use the beginning to introduce your main characters and the main objective you want your audience to learn. Then create a problem or conflict they need to solve to get to the ending of your story. 

Draft a Fun Hook and Add-In Dialogue 

Now that you’ve decided on the story you’ll share with your audience, it’s time to develop the hook and dialogue to further enhance your story body. Be sure to use the right language your audience understands and be descriptive or animated when reflecting a particular emotion. Create a fun hook that you know will grab your audience’s attention and keep them around for more. 

Develop Relatable Characters 

Only create characters you know your audience will understand and relate to. A good strategy is always to keep them in mind and even use them as the star of your show. The more relatable, the easier it is to explain a certain concept and connect with your audience. 

End with a Call-to-Action 

Invite them to your blog and social media pages, and don’t forget to grab their e-mails. 

Evaluate and Tweak 

Review customer feedback and how they respond to your CTAs. This will give you a sense of how your story resonates with them and help you gain the engagement necessary to running a successful business. As you know, without audience engagement, you won’t have much of a business after all.  

Story scripts allow you to stay on track and achieve your goals more quickly. Use these guidelines each time to create a consistent and effective brand story to engage your audience better.

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