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Incorporating Social Proof into Your Writing

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Attracting Potential Customers with Social Proof

Also commonly referred to as social influence, social proof relates to people trusting the opinions and experiences of others. Blogging is one way you can generate social proof. It sets you up as an authority figure in the industry while also helping you to attract a large following. When you are writing a blog or posting something on social media, you should do it to attract potential customers. Also, let your audience learn something new from you. There is no point in reading something you already know all about; there has to be value in what you are putting out there.

A well-crafted blog section can increase a website’s traffic by six times. Also, blog posts with images are more likely to attract a wider readership because graphics help tell a story and grab the reader’s attention.

Your content has a considerable part to play in representing your brand, but it is not only about the content that you write. You have to do more. You need to look for relatable tools that you can incorporate into your writing, and take your time to think carefully about what you will post.

Ideally, you should post as often as possible so your page can remain up-to-date, but it will not do you any good if you aim to swamp your website with posts. Give your viewers something to think about and show them proof that what you are saying is true. Here are some ways you can do that.

Give them facts

Facts can be about things that have been recently discovered, studies, or quotes from experts in the field. If you are writing about the tech industry, the corporate world, or politics, you should probably keep up with what’s new. Know what is happening in that particular industry, changes or policies being made, and the implications they have toward the sector.

Provide statistics from recent studies

Each year new studies are carried out and released. Statistics give people a rough idea of how things are, only that they are more defined since they give numbers. Give your audience figures and let them soak in the information. Statistics make your blog seem well thought out, and it shows that you took the time to do your research.

Connect the idea you are trying to sell with real-life examples

People love stories and examples they can relate to. Layout your scenario in a way that will easily relate to what you are trying to prove.

Use videos and images

Creating videos and using images help tell a story and get your point across. Visuals can help break down points and spice up your content to keep your audience interested. They can go a long way in helping your reader understand your topic. For example, if you are writing a “how-to…” blog, visuals such as an explainer video or screenshots can be essential.


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