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Podcasting: Is Your Business Ready?

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Is Your Business Ready for Podcasting?

As the popularity of podcasting continues to increase, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Podcasting is not only intended to entertain but to provide new, valuable information on a particular topic, product, or business. Not only can you share your expertise on a specific topic, but you can help build your brand and promote your company. So, it’s no wonder businesses are hopping on the podcast bandwagon in order to reach a larger market. If you are passionate about your industry and can provide high-quality, valuable information to your audience, it may be beneficial to incorporate podcasting into your marketing plan. Here are a few things to consider to help determine whether your business is ready to start a podcast.

What is Your Purpose for Podcasting?

Before starting a podcast, it is essential to decide your show’s overall goal or purpose. Podcasting has several purposes. Do you want to promote your business, generate new leads, become a thought leader, train new employees, or build an extensive network? Once your intentions are established, you can create an action plan to achieve your goal and shape what “success” looks like.

It’s important to acknowledge that whatever goal you set for your podcast, you may not achieve it immediately. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to see any significant growth in downloads or subscribers. Even though you may not see immediate results, you must stay consistent and stick with it. Although it may be frustrating, launching a podcast can provide other benefits outside of your primary goal. You can learn more about your audience/customers, promote your services better, bring awareness of your company to other organizations, etc.

Choose the Best Format

There are several different ways to format your podcast, and each format can help you achieve different things. You can entertain your audience, build your brand, put a “voice” to your company, generate revenue, or share success stories. Whatever your purpose, you will want to use the best structure to convey a message pertaining to your audience. For example, if you’re going to educate your audience by showcasing your knowledge on a topic, a narrative-style podcast would be a good option.

Typically, a business’s main goal with podcasting is to promote their business, and you can essentially use any format to promote your business. One option would be to offer in-depth information to your customers to help them become more aware of your business. Do this in a way that provides a service to your customers and does not push your business or product on them. You will come across salesy, and you won’t build a strong network that wants to continue listening to your content. Interview podcasts are also a great way to grow your network by bringing on well-known people within your market.

Businesses have also used podcasting to streamline the onboarding process and train their employees. A limited series podcast can include episodes that offer vital information about the company, training materials, introductions, and company policies. You can also use these episodes to provide information to your customers that include FAQs or How-Tos.

Target Audience

Selecting a topic that will appeal to your “ideal” audience is crucial when starting a podcast. Luckily your podcast is centered around your business, product, or service, so it’s something you are already passionate about and have extensive knowledge in. You want to be sure you have enough content on your topic that you can release episodes regularly. The next task is making your topic appeal to your target audience. Consider what they will gain from your podcast and what is the best way to provide that information.

Most people listen to podcasts for entertainment and education, making it a great medium to share your wisdom. Make sure the information you want to share can be discussed in a fun, insightful, and enjoyable way. Your podcast should broadcast your company’s personality and put a voice to your brand. This will help your audience build a relationship with you and keep them coming back to listen to more of your content! Then your listeners may recommend your podcasts to their friends or coworkers, which will draw in a larger audience that views your company as an industry leader. Ultimately, this can lead to more awareness, new business contacts/leads, and even increased revenue.


Another important factor to consider is whether your company has the time, money, and workforce to produce compelling, consistent content. Like any marketing strategy, podcasting will be an investment that will take time and dedication to yield a profit. Your staff will have to commit to developing an ongoing strategy to see what your business can achieve through podcasting.

Whoever is creating episodes will need to release them regularly. They will also need to have experience with the technical side of recording and editing, which can be very time-consuming. If you don’t want to handle the technical side, services are available. However, they aren’t cheap, and prices can vary greatly. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate the cost-benefit relationship and determine how much time your personnel can devote to the podcast or if you have the budget to hire a podcasting consultant or editor.

Increase Your Reach with Podcasting

Podcasts are typically found on podcast apps like Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Audible. Therefore, you will want to list your podcast on these apps as soon as possible. Additionally, you will want to broadcast episodes on your company’s website or blog. Make sure it is easily accessible and easy for your audience/customers to find and subscribe to your content.

Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons and developed a plan for your podcast, you’ll be able to create content that will serve a purpose. Whether your goal is to increase consumer service/awareness, deepen your connection with customers, increase industry authority, or generate revenue, your podcast should have entertaining, relevant content to share with your audience. If you choose to invest the time and money into this project, the rewards may be more than you ever expected.


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