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How to Engage Your Subscribers with Gamification


Engage Your Subscribers by Giving Them Tasks and Offering Prizes Email marketing is a very powerful form of marketing offering a fantastic investment return. According to studies, email marketing generates, on average, a 122% ROI. [...]

How to Engage Your Subscribers with Gamification2022-06-14T10:17:49-05:00

Using Gamification to Challenge Yourself


Start Tracking Your Daily Sales and Challenge Yourself to Beat Those Totals  Making money is the goal of any business owner. However, so many times, small business owners don’t make business plans, and because of [...]

Using Gamification to Challenge Yourself2022-06-14T10:11:37-05:00

Do you have the likeability factor?


Likeability Plays a Large Part in Persuasive Marketing If you want to utilize persuasive marketing, likeability can play a prominent role. The more likable you and your brand are, the more successful you will become. [...]

Do you have the likeability factor?2022-05-26T15:25:52-05:00