Content Development

Creative Services at QAT Global specializes in content development. The Creative Services team uses research to produce and publish information to meet businesses goals. The highly skilled team works with businesses to set goals, identify the target audience, choose metrics for content marketing success, generate ideas, write content, and optimize the content for search. Web content can be infographics, blogs, text, sounds, images, videos, and other content. The content developed serves a strategic purpose, such as encouraging a marketing or sales outcome or building a connection with an audience. Content development is a vital part of the content marketing strategy. Connect with Creative Services at QAT Global today to develop content that will take your business to the next level.

Using Storytelling in Content Development


How To Master Storytelling for Maximum Credibility Storytelling makes sales letters and websites much more entertaining, gives you considerable boosts in credibility and will, in general, significantly increase your sales. What are the elements of [...]

Using Storytelling in Content Development2022-05-26T12:44:55-05:00

How To Get Video Testimonials for Startups


Three Ways to Get Your First Video Testimonials Video testimonials are one of the most powerful forms of marketing a product or service. They have the power to move prospects to action, increase conversion rates, [...]

How To Get Video Testimonials for Startups2022-05-27T15:24:57-05:00

How to Get Testimonials and Use Them


Let Your Customers Do the Selling for You Testimonials are an effective buying trigger because they offer information about your product or service that you just can't provide yourself. Making time to collect them and [...]

How to Get Testimonials and Use Them2022-05-26T10:25:38-05:00

How to Write Content That Connects


Tips for Creation and Emotional Connection with Your Readers Your most loyal readers will connect with you not just through your content but through your emotions. An emotional connection with your readers is just as [...]

How to Write Content That Connects2022-05-26T09:03:33-05:00

Developing Effective Corporate Stories


The Keys to an Effective Corporate Story  A compelling corporate story appeals to and easily educates your audience about your brand, including your products, services, and values. The human brain learns better through stories, but [...]

Developing Effective Corporate Stories2022-06-08T14:20:09-05:00

What SEO Copywriting Is and Isn’t


Put the Focus in the Right Place SEO copywriting can be confusing when you're just getting started developing website content. There are lots of articles on the web that talk about SEO copywriting these days, [...]

What SEO Copywriting Is and Isn’t2022-05-25T16:19:21-05:00