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Social Networks

Putting Social to Work for Your Business with a Custom Social Network

Today, businesses operate in a complex technical and user environment. The widespread use of smartphones and tablets resulted in users expecting personalized experiences and instant access to businesses.

Custom Social Networks

Social Networking Software

At Creative Services @ QAT Global, we believe there is enough room for inspiration and fresh ideas despite the current domination of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. We are here to support your groundbreaking ideas and create your catching, interactive, and load-resistant web application.

After working in software development for over two decades, we clearly understand how people interact with software online and offline and know how social networking software should be built. We offer a robust framework that leverages the convenience and user-friendliness of WordPress paired with a plugin like BuddyPress, WP Symposium Pro-Social Network, PeepSo, Ultimate Member, MemberPress, or Youzer to create social web projects that put the focus on communication and align our best development practices with the cutting-edge features you suggest.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Creative Services @ QAT Global is your choice if your project involves one or all of these basic social networking types.


We offer a robust framework for your social web project that puts the focus on communication.

Delivering exciting functionality is the key to getting your social networking project noticed and creating the buzz necessary for widespread user adoption. We deliver rich user experiences in both frontend and backend tools; the result is happy, engaged users and administrators.

Selecting the right technology for your social networking solution may seem challenging, but this is where our extensive experience in developing secure, scalable solutions works to your benefit. To make your solution easy to maintain, scale, and update as your user base grows, Creative Services @ QAT Global offers:

  • Most open program architectures to ensure scalability for future enhancements
  • Professional database and application server architecture to sustain high loads
  • Modular structure for easier maintenance and support
  • Best practice development techniques for cost-conscious development

Have you joined the conversation? Now is the time to engage, interact, communicate, personalize, and reward. Creative Services @ QAT Global is your partner in designing, developing, and deploying scalable and sophisticated social media applications that deliver results.

Social Networks and Social Media Application Types

Creative Services @ QAT Global’s expertise lies in designing, developing, and deploying scalable and sophisticated social media applications that deliver on your business requirements and sustain your growth potentials over time. This includes expertise in integrating major social network technologies and APIs. Some of the types of rich and easy to use social media applications Creative Services @ QAT Global designs include the following:

Social Media Application Development Services

Creative Services @ QAT Global’s social media application development team serves clients by:

  • Developing social media applications to support client’s online promotions
  • Improving the client’s productivity to work for better business opportunities and gain a competitive edge in their marketplace
  • Maintaining the organization’s continuous effort to enhance the existing social media applications by conceptualizing new features, develop customized applications, updating application content, reorganizing features, introducing new options, incorporating data capture interfaces, enabling conduct contest and polling capabilities, and getting more friends/users/followers to their social media pages.

When clients need something more than an application, Creative Services @ QAT Global can support them from the desktop to the web to mobile. Contact us today, describe your project and get a free quote on it.

Get Started on Your Social Network or Media Project with Creative Services @ QAT Global

If you plan to launch a social networking or media project and seek an innovative and reliable development partner – look no further. At Creative Services @ QAT Global, you will find a unique approach for developing social projects and ideas that deliver results.

Let’s Do Something Great Together

Doing something great comes with a secret – getting started. Getting started requires a conversation. So let’s talk. Let’s talk about how to accomplish the things on your list so you can drive more traffic, increase revenue, accomplish your goals, and then do more great things.

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