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Technical Specification

The technical specification is the blueprint for a project, product, or system and defines the requirements. A specification is documented information on technical design, development, and procedures related to the conditions it outlines. It also describes the functionality and how it will work. This document provides developers and other stakeholders information on business requirements, internal standards, and best practices. It also helps to identify any issues, risks, or areas where additional research is needed.

These requirements must be met or exceeded when the final solution is developed to be available to your users. As circumstances change, this document will have to be revised. An agile project should be an evolving document – a creative space to exchange experiences and debate on them.

Technical Specification Development

Why You Need a Technical Specification

People may change – but a solution’s qualities must stay the same.

Technical solutions need technical specifications, be they websites, mobile apps, or other web solutions. They deliver the details required for both the development and integration phases.


  • Eliminate ambiguity and efficiently communicate precise technical details

  • Improve the user experience for the initial launch
  • Improve the scalability of the solution
  • Streamline the development process
  • Improve the scalability of the development team(s)

  • Project stability as the people involved change on either side
  • Reduce development costs

  • Increased consistency of the overall project and details like acceptance criteria

Our Process

Our collaborative process is designed to create a technical specification that team members can use to implement the described functionalities even if the writer is no longer available.

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