Creative Services at QAT Global has extensive knowledge using WordPress to build websites for companies. There are numerous advantages to using WordPress to power your company’s website including its ease of use, the ability to manage your website from any computer, customizable options, having control over your site, and not needing HTML or FTP software. Search engines love WordPress due to its clean and simple code. WordPress sites are also scalable and allow for business growth. All of these features make WordPress an excellent content management system for your business site. Connect with Creative Services at QAT Global today to get started building a WordPress site for your business.

Branding Tips for Startups


How to Get Started Branding Your Startup When it comes to starting a business, branding is vital. When done correctly, branding can help your startup establish a significant and unique presence in the market [...]

Branding Tips for Startups2022-02-03T14:03:02-05:00

7 Reasons to Update Your Web Design


Is Your Web Design Long Overdue for an Update? Your website is usually your customer's first impression of your product or service, so keeping your site up-to-date is essential and in your best [...]

7 Reasons to Update Your Web Design2022-02-03T14:04:52-05:00

5 Places to Get Press for Your Startup


Creating Buzz for Your Startup Getting press for your startup can be quite a task. Before reaching out to journalists and writers, you have to ask yourself whether what you're pitching is newsworthy. A [...]

5 Places to Get Press for Your Startup2022-02-03T14:06:15-05:00

New Trend with Mobile Marketing


The Importance of Mobile Marketing Wireless technology is changing the landscape of how businesses approach marketing. Smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices make it easier than ever before for users to access the internet, shop [...]

New Trend with Mobile Marketing2022-02-01T16:16:05-05:00

Developing a Marketing Strategy


Key Elements in Creating a Marketing Strategy Developing a marketing strategy for new business in such a competitive environment must be based on understanding the project and the company's situation regarding the internal and [...]

Developing a Marketing Strategy2022-02-02T12:47:23-05:00

Market Information


How to Gather Market Information The aim of a market assessment, customer identification and targeting, and competitive examination is to gather the information that provides knowledge of both the potential customer and the marketing [...]

Market Information2022-02-02T12:50:53-05:00

Pricing Your New Product or Service


Strategies for Finding the Right Price for Your Product or Service Pricing is no simple matter for a new product and service.  Several factors must be considered, but in-app and social media network marketing, [...]

Pricing Your New Product or Service2022-02-02T12:55:05-05:00

Social Media Validation


How to Validate Your Idea on Social Media To better understand the market and demand, you will want to analyze social media channels. Twitter is a useful source for looking at market potential and [...]

Social Media Validation2022-02-02T13:05:44-05:00